Every Soldiers need to pursue opportunities in the civilian world after retiring from the Army. Besides looking for opportunities by yourself , Army provides special support to find out a better job opportunity for every interested retired soldier.

  • Opportunities at Private Sector
  • Retiring from an Army Career
  • Retirement Savings Plan
Opportunities at private sector

After their term of service, the Army helps Soldiers transition back into civilian life. Army helps officers and soldiers to prepare for finding out better job opportunity after retiring. Army provides scope to officers for higher studies on Business Administration and also provides vocational training to the soldiers before their retirement. Army supports retired soldiers for a further employment at foreign countries security forces like, STMK at Kuwait. At present many leading private and multinational companies are being run by highly skilled and sincere retired Army officers. Besides most of the security companies are employing retired soldiers and Warrant officers.

Retiring from an Army career

When you retire from the Army, there are many valuable benefits available to you. Retiree benefits can help you pay for higher studies, buy a home or find a job.

Retirement savings plan

As a Soldier, you are eligible to participate in a retirement savings and investment plan. If you contribute to the Provident fund from your basic pay, you may also contribute from 1 to 100 percent of any incentive or special pay (including bonus pay) you receive. Provident fund contributions are tax-exempt.