Enlisted Soilders & Officers

A Bangladesh Army soilder is always upright with his honor and pride

The Army has three broad categories of Soldiers: Soldiers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Commissioned Officers. Each has its own specialized training, responsibilities and areas of expertise. Each and every Soldier is the pride of our nation. Together, they are critical to the Army's ability to defend our country, our freedoms and our way of life.


Bangladesh Army Soldiers are regarded for their sense of duty and the sacrifices they make for their country. Much like employees at a company, Soldiers perform specific job functions and have the knowledge that ensures the success of their unit's current mission within the Army. An Enlisted Soldier's rank can range from Sepoy to Sergeant

Junior Commisioned Officer

A Junior Commissioned Officer is a senior soldier in an unit. Junior Commissioned Officers are aiding at various administrative duties within the unit. A Junior Commissioned Officer's rank can range from Warrant Officer to Master Warrant Officer and then Honorary Lieutenant and Honorary Captain.

Commissined Officer

A Commissioned Officer is mostly a commander, manager, problem solver, key influencer and planner who lead Soldiers in all situations. They have ability to train and the character needed to inspire and encourage others. An Officer's rank can range from Second Lieutenant to General of the Army.