Health care and leave/vacation

The Army is committed to the well being of the community of people who serve and stand ready to defend the nation. Soldiers and their families receive comprehensive health care, life insurance and generous leave/ vacation time.

Health Care

As a Soldier, you and your family are automatically covered by a comprehensive medical care and dental care at no cost. The Bangladesh Army's Medical team is one of the biggest health care networks in Bangladesh, utilizing state-of-the-art technology in world-renowned facilities.

Life Insuerance

Army family security scheme is a insurance for all serving officers and soldiers. All serving officers and soldiers are covered by this insurance against any accidental death risk regardless of their age.


Time off is an important component of Soldier life and well being. Every Soldiers in Bangladesh Army receive:

  • 60 days privileged leave annually for soldiers and 30 days annually for Officers.
  • Casual Leave
  • Weekends free*
  • National holidays*
  • Sick Leave as needed

*As with any job, missions and training may require work on weekends or holidays.