Beyond salary, education and housing benefits, the Army provides valuable services, support , counseling and training for the whole family. Many of the services are free or at discount prices.

  • Sena Poribar Kollyan Somity
  • Trust Bank
  • Officers Ladies Club
  • Sena Sohayok School
  • CSD
  • Sena Kollyan Songstha
  • Army Golf Club
Sena Poribar Kollyan Somity

The Army offers several unique programs to help soldiers to train their families on various vocational subjects and handicrafts.

Trust Bank

Trust Bank offers various financial support to all serving Officers, Warrant Officers and Soldiers.

Officers Ladies Club

A wide range of family advocacy initiatives are available to Army officers families through officers ladies club.

Sena Sohayok School

Army has started providing day care and educational facilities for the special child of all serving officers and soldiers at various cantonments through Sena Sohayok School.


Army offers a wide range of departmental store facility of all daily needs with whole sale price facility at almost every cantonment for the soldiers.

Sena Kollyan Songstha

Sena Kollyan Songstha provides various welfare facilities for the serving and retired soldiers.

Army Golf Club

Army golf clubs provides a scope of practicing golf for the senior officers in the Army.